#ChagWest: by-election

Recently,  I worked with Solution By Simulation to deliver election coverage results for the Trindad and Tobago Chaguanas West By-Election.

This was a huge deal for me, having actually started election coverage tracking from the last Trinidad and Tobago Local Government elections in 2010.  At that time, I was at one of the party headquarters – the PNM’s Balisier House.  It was pretty near to my office. I sat with the media, and as results came in, used my app to publish the details to an RSS feed.

This time, along with Nigel Henry’s team from SBS, we were gathering data from all three main parties, plus the EBC. Nigel, a pollster with experience in the 2008 Obama campaign, really knows his stuff. Whereas, I wrote an app to just collect results, he was geared to analyze and comment on what the results would actually be saying. Very cool stuff.

On election night – July 29, 2013, we had agents in the field as well as Nigel in the commentators’ box and me in the studio room. Things went pretty smoothly, both for us and as can be seen, the party in green.

Oh, the picture quality is pretty horrible because my phone’s camera is pretty lame.

Also, at the last moment before our team went on the road, we got support from the local Microsoft Office in the form of Windows 8 and Window Phone 8 devices.  Allowing us to say on air, “Communication Devices powered by Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 Devices”, thanks, Microsoft!

Here’s a really nice tweet that drove home what we aimed to do during the evening.


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