Good news!

It’s been all over the media!

We’re winners! 🙂

The Teleios Code Jam won the Microsoft Partner of the Year YouthSpark Citizenship Award (2014). Yes, it’s a mouthful, but after you catch your breadth saying it, you realize it’s a pretty big deal.

We competed with the likes of Dell and Intel in the category of Advocacy in Software Development and what we’ve been doing since 2008 was recognized.

Teleios Code Jam is delivered by a team called The Build Team, comprised of persons who write software, are involved in Marketing, Project Management, Media and User Experience.   It’s the multi-faceted nature of our team that allows us to create something strong, useful and global in TCJ.

We launched some fancy stuff in 2014, too – like the TCJ portal and with the kind of interest we have from sponsors new and old, the programme is on a good growth path.

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