An unexpected journey


My family was going to the beach a few weekends ago, and so I decided to try and catch some miles on the way there. Literally, I’d jump out of the car just before we got there and jog the rest of the way.

We were going to Las Cuevas beach, which for some reason I thought was a short distance from Maracas beach. It’s not. It’s really not.

I mean, I try and do a long run on the weekend, so an extra mile on my usual 6 shouldn’t have been too arduous. However, Maracas Bay Village is the most hilly place I’ve ever run!

So, four miles in I was exhausted, but thankfully, I had my buds and my podcasts were on fire. Recently, I was interviewed on Tim Bourguignon’s Software Developer’s Journey podcast, so I subscribed to it and it turns out to be just what you need when you’re on a long run with no end in sight. Tim uses interviews to tease out compelling, interesting developer journeys. Which at times can feel just like my run felt. It was so good to have that distraction.

I was able to finish two episodes, one featuring Stephanie Hurlburt, which if I had to rename would be, The Importance of Balance. And one featuring Guillermo Rauch.

Just when I would have pulled a Geoffrey and jumped in a car to get the rest of way, I saw an old man who said Las Cuevas was one ridge over and it was!

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