Save (your data from) Endomondo Month!


I hereby dub December, 2020, “Save your data from Endomondo” month. Why?

Endomondo’s retiring from the game.

So, given this state of affairs, it would be wise to ensure your data on the Endomondo platform is exported to somewhere. I made a request via their site to get all 789 of my workouts from there and a few days later, I got an archive that included this folder structure:

I wanted to do some analysis on my workout data, so I created a really simple ingestion tool that takes the data from the json documents in Workouts/ and inserts them into a SQL Server database.

The tool can be found in this repo.

The key thing about this tool is that I had to fiddle with Endomondo’s JSON output to get it to play nice with my approach to serialization:

I’m not super-proud of it, because it could be very finicky, but it got the job done for my purposes. I deliberately rejected pulling in the available lat-lon data from the runs, because I wasn’t interested in it for the moment, but a slight modification to the approach I’ve taken will accommodate that.

So, I’m glad the data is ingestible now, and I hope to do some cool stuff with it soon.

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