It’s early days yet, but the sooner we face the music, the more ready we’ll be to adapt. I was listening to “Precious Things” from a recent Lupe Fiasco album. In it, he personified his hands and sang about the conflict he, the artist was engaged in with his instruments of expression – his hands. […]



I mentioned PSI before. And I’m pretty sure I will again. Microsoft’s Platform for Situated Intelligence has a lot of potential. I was reminded about it today with this tweet: From the PSI lab, they released a great demo that I’ve spent some time playing with. With PSI, you can access all the streams of […]

One Marvelous Scene – Tony and Jarvis

My video editing skills are what you might call, “Hello World” level. So, I’m not interested in bringing down the average as it were, in terms of the quality content over on the official “One Marvelous Scene” playlist on YouTube. I dig what those storytellers did a lot. But as far as I can tell, […]