Activating the AI at Agostini’s

Recently, there have been exciting developments in the field of AI, and ChatGPT is just one of the many AI tools that can be used to explore data, discover new insights and supercharge work. However, AI has its limitations and requires high-quality data, careful training, and human oversight to work effectively. Ethical considerations are critical in the development and deployment of AI, and collaboration between stakeholders is essential to advancing AI in a responsible and beneficial way. While AI can create new opportunities and efficiencies, it also poses risks and challenges that must be addressed. By approaching AI with a human-centered and ethical perspective, we can ensure that it enhances our lives and contributes to a better future for all.


I mentioned PSI before. And I’m pretty sure I will again. Microsoft’s Platform for Situated Intelligence has a lot of potential. I was reminded about it today with this tweet: From the PSI lab, they released a great demo that I’ve spent some time playing with. With PSI, you can access all the streams of […]

One Marvelous Scene – Tony and Jarvis

My video editing skills are what you might call, “Hello World” level. So, I’m not interested in bringing down the average as it were, in terms of the quality content over on the official “One Marvelous Scene” playlist on YouTube. I dig what those storytellers did a lot. But as far as I can tell, […]