Is this the Caribbean’s First Hackathon focused on Disaster Mapping?

Back in 2004, I was one course shy of graduating from my computer science degree and had started working. I was essentially an intern in a government project team. So, I had some gaps during the day. Up to that time, I had built only a few solutions, and they were mostly simple web tools. […]

Danger Zones

TL; DR I’ve built a map of the location updates from the Ministry of Works and Transport of Trinidad and Tobago based on flooding and where was/is impassable. You van view it here. “Technical” details Hey, @mowtgovtt, you guys got a livemap of blocked roads throughout the country? I feel that would be an asset. […]

A first for Open Data in Trinidad & Tobago

I’ve come to realize I’m an Open Data enthusiast. Like most people, I tend to have questions about how things run, where resources are located and how they get distributed. This year, that curiosity led me to seek out information about some government agencies in Trinidad & Tobago. The Water and Sewerage Authority, the Public […]