I’ve never been to bootcamp. I wasn’t even in the Scouts growing up. So, unlike most of the posts on this site, which features a story about something I did or was involved in, this is largely my views on a question. Here’s the question, “I’m a twentysomething-year-old with regular computing schools, I have a […]

Provisioning some test storage accounts for class

I wanted to create a few storage accounts for students in my class to complete an assignment featuring Event Sourcing and Material Views. So, here’s what I did. Download/install the latest azure command line interface (cli). (While doing this, I realized I could have just used the cloud shell. I soldiered on with the dl) […]

Exploring the differences between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

In Cloud Technologies class today, we used both the course outlineĀ and the notes from MSFTImagine’s Github repo to talk through the differences in service offering. I used the canonical service model responsibility chart to start the conversation off. It’s fairly straightforward to talk to these divisions, of course. I often use it to drive home […]

Cloud Technologies – 2017. Ready, class 1

Started back with the UWI Cloud Technologies course today. This class was an Introduction to Cloud generally, with some conversation about the course outline and expectations for assignments. We still in the process of confirming the course outline, so I’ll share that next week. But I used the slides from the technical resources provided by […]