TTRS: Make the road by walking.

My daughter got sick suddenly. She had a bit of fever when she got home from preschool and then woke up convulsing. Having never seen that before, my wife and I sprang into action. Hospital. Now. Since we both had to go, we piled all the kids into the car, and peeled off. There’s an […]


Making a living building mobile apps in Trinidad & Tobago and other stories

This blog post title sounds like a book. 😁. Back in 20-some-teen, I built a windows phone app called Police Post. It started off as a reasonable idea – provide an offline version of the list of police stations in Trinidad and Tobago, with their locations and contact numbers. I later jumped the shark by […]

Danger Zones

TL; DR I’ve built a map of the location updates from the Ministry of Works and Transport of Trinidad and Tobago based on flooding and where was/is impassable. You van view it here. “Technical” details Hey, @mowtgovtt, you guys got a livemap of blocked roads throughout the country? I feel that would be an asset. […]

A first for Open Data in Trinidad & Tobago

I’ve come to realize I’m an Open Data enthusiast. Like most people, I tend to have questions about how things run, where resources are located and how they get distributed. This year, that curiosity led me to seek out information about some government agencies in Trinidad & Tobago. The Water and Sewerage Authority, the Public […]