“…my brother is totally interested in becoming a game developer”

How do people learn things these days? I saw this great question on Facebook, and dropped a really quick simply reply to get the OP moving: For people who know me, they’d recognize that as standard draft from me, a version of “let me Google that for you”. I hope the text of it helps […]


Agents of TEAMS

Hey! Last week I presented at DevFest Caribbean. It was a Google Developer Group event, where the GDG of multiple regions came together, it involved the groups from Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Jamaica and others. There were some really good presentations, and you can check them out here. My presentation focused on virtual agents I […]


Recently, there was thunder and lightning and heavy rainfall in Trinidad. Trees fell, and there was a range of property damage. In cases like this, the aftermath can involve service outages across a number of service providers. For me, it was power. There was a bright spark, a loud bang and then silence. Right after […]

That time when global quarantine liberated digital services. #CoronaEffect

There has been a sudden, dramatic step-wise improvement in digital services in Trinidad & Tobago. You can place an order via WhatsApp for groceries in Trinidad & Tobago now. From one of the largest chains in the country. Many government agencies are available in a real-time way on social media. Providing updates of a COVID […]

Parse a pdf, quickly

You have docker installed. You don’t have time to futz around with PDFs If you have a PDF you’d like to get tables out of, tabula works a dream. When last I used it successfully, I was on my mac. I jumped on to a windows machine, and I just couldn’t get it to run. […]