TTRS: Make the road by walking.

My daughter got sick suddenly. She had a bit of fever when she got home from preschool and then woke up convulsing. Having never seen that before, my wife and I sprang into action. Hospital. Now. Since we both had to go, we piled all the kids into the car, and peeled off. There’s an […]


Abolish SEA: v1

The way I see it, I’ve got four years to convince the nation that we need to get rid of the Secondary Entrance Assessment. Normally, I use this space to talk about tech, and particularly tech I’ve used to experiment and make new things. So, as you can imagine, I’m not going to leave that […]

Cloud: Free Up Yourself

Yesterday I was on one of the panels of the Trinidad and Tobago Big Data Forum 2021. The BDF was run from the Trinidad and Tobago United Nation’s office. It comprised of a series of sessions over the course of two days. The session I was part of was titled “Azure: Platform of Intelligence & […]

Disaster Recovery

We watched in horror as our neighbour’s SUV was pushed down the road by the flood. Having seen this kind of thing on screens before, witnessing it so close was a different matter entirely. There’s an instinct some people have to stick their hand into a burning flame to save a grain of rice. It’s […]

Where everybody knows your name

Like most Trinbagonians, I’ve learned to dread going in to any licensing office. Who could forget the signage up at the Wrightson Road office that said, “We’re closing at 1:00 today” – when you’ve turned up at 12:45, and the people you need have gone to lunch? And then, the game of ping-pong, between the […]

Dirt. Mud. Progress.

Jesus was born in a manger, so I cannot be too sour that to register the birth of my child I have to stand up under a tent in the rain. So, under that tent, ducking the wet seats, were a few parents. The instructions we received were to book an appointment at the […]