Election vibes in St. Kitts & Nevis

Solution by Simulation and I provided live election updates for the recently concluded St. Kitts & Nevis General Elections.  We were hosted by ZIZ – the National Broadcasting Corporation. Their election desk used the analytics and mapping solution we built for broadcasting live results to the population. ZIZ is the official broadcaster of election results, so they […]

Cloud Technologies

Recently worked with Dr. Patrick Hosein to help deliver the University of the West Indies’ first ever Cloud Technologies course – it’s part of their MSc in Computer Science programme. It was a challenging engagement that allowed us to help the students navigate how to get started with the Cloud. We had a good spread of concerns […]

Teaching (again)

Last year, I taught three courses. Intro to Mobile Applications Software Engineering Cloud Technologies I hadn’t done any lecturing for a while, and the opportunities came around fairly suddenly, but it was good to be back in class and sharing experiences. Mobile Apps & Software Engineering were taught at the University of Trinidad & Tobago. […]

A first for Open Data in Trinidad & Tobago

I’ve come to realize I’m an Open Data enthusiast. Like most people, I tend to have questions about how things run, where resources are located and how they get distributed. This year, that curiosity led me to seek out information about some government agencies in Trinidad & Tobago. The Water and Sewerage Authority, the Public […]

1.2 Million hits!

On Monday 4th November Trinidad & Tobago featured its fourth set of elections for the year. Those elections were: The Tobago House of Assembly Elections – January 21 The Chaguanas West By-Election – July 29 The Trinidad & Tobago Local Government Elections – October 21 The St. Joseph By-Election – November 4 I worked with […]