Good news!

TCJ Build Team

It’s been all over the media! We’re winners! 🙂 The Teleios Code Jam won the Microsoft Partner of the Year YouthSpark Citizenship Award (2014). Yes, it’s a mouthful, but after you catch your breadth saying it, you realize it’s a pretty big deal. We competed with the likes of Dell and Intel in the category… Continue reading Good news!

A first for Open Data in Trinidad & Tobago

I’ve come to realize I’m an Open Data enthusiast. Like most people, I tend to have questions about how things run, where resources are located and how they get distributed. This year, that curiosity led me to seek out information about some government agencies in Trinidad & Tobago. The Water and Sewerage Authority, the Public… Continue reading A first for Open Data in Trinidad & Tobago

1.2 Million hits!

On Monday 4th November Trinidad & Tobago featured its fourth set of elections for the year. Those elections were: The Tobago House of Assembly Elections – January 21 The Chaguanas West By-Election – July 29 The Trinidad & Tobago Local Government Elections – October 21 The St. Joseph By-Election – November 4 I worked with… Continue reading 1.2 Million hits!

#ChagWest: by-election

Recently,  I worked with Solution By Simulation to deliver election coverage results for the Trindad and Tobago Chaguanas West By-Election. This was a huge deal for me, having actually started election coverage tracking from the last Trinidad and Tobago Local Government elections in 2010.  At that time, I was at one of the party headquarters… Continue reading #ChagWest: by-election