Back to the Sky: Processing Satellite Data Using Cloud Computing

From time to time, I work with researchers on projects outside of the day to day, forms-over-databases stuff. Mind you, I like a nice form over a cool data repository as much as the next guy, but it’s definitely cool to stretch your arms and do something more. So, when Dr. Ogundipe approached me about […]

Making a map.

I like how WordPress’ default on these blog posts is “tell your story”. LOL. Recently, I described wanting to use Azure App Insights for dependency tracking. I started by looking at documentation on it. I ended up using this, along with this video. As I started looking into the first place to drop in dependency […]

Provisioning some test storage accounts for class

I wanted to create a few storage accounts for students in my class to complete an assignment featuring Event Sourcing and Material Views. So, here’s what I did. Download/install the latest azure command line interface (cli). (While doing this, I realized I could have just used the cloud shell. I soldiered on with the dl) […]