“…my brother is totally interested in becoming a game developer”

How do people learn things these days? I saw this great question on Facebook, and dropped a really quick simply reply to get the OP moving: For people who know me, they’d recognize that as standard draft from me, a version of “let me Google that for you”. I hope the text of it helps […]


Dirt. Mud. Progress.

Jesus was born in a manger, so I cannot be too sour that to register the birth of my child I have to stand up under a tent in the rain. So, under that tent, ducking the wet seats, were a few parents. The instructions we received were to book an appointment at the agla.gov.tt […]

Exploring the differences between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

In Cloud Technologies class today, we used both the course outline and the notes from MSFTImagine’s Github repo to talk through the differences in service offering. I used the canonical service model responsibility chart to start the conversation off. It’s fairly straightforward to talk to these divisions, of course. I often use it to drive home […]

Cloud Technologies

Recently worked with Dr. Patrick Hosein to help deliver the University of the West Indies’ first ever Cloud Technologies course – it’s part of their MSc in Computer Science programme. It was a challenging engagement that allowed us to help the students navigate how to get started with the Cloud. We had a good spread of concerns […]