Remember, remember! The fifth of November

This year’s Teleios Code Jam Finals was November 5.

We spent time again bringing light to the ideas around the Internet of Things.  It was a great event, really strong presentations were brought. Our winners, Team BlackIce demonstrated OceanGuard, an IoT solution for monitoring environmental data about the ocean.

Apart from the nerves, TCJ Finals Day has an energy all of its own, I was caught off-guard by it this year. We changed up how Phase 3 would have proceeded. With 5 questions to hit instead of the 1 demoralizing one, it made for a marathon of Teleios personnel catching those who were pressing through.

And then, just like that, it was all over.

As I said during opening remarks, we had interest from 19 teams, but 7 made it to the finals. I’m looking forward to see how we get those other students and faculty down to show off their ideas.

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